Total Protection Systems, Inc.
is a Authorized Vicon USPS Dealer which offers installation and service on many different CCTV Platforms. CCTV options have never been more varied or complicated than today. Total Protection Systems, Inc. can help provide you with the best installation and service for your needs. Whether your needs are:
  • Analog Cameras
  • Digital Network Camars
  • Digital Recording
  • Flir Themal Cameras
  • Hidden Surveillance Equipment
  • Long Range Infrared Cameras
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Domes
  • Megapixel Cameras
  • Mega Video Storage Arrays
  • Network Enabled Analog To IP Encoders
  • Rugged Out Door Cameras
  • Solar Power Cameras
  • Video Analytics
Total Protection Systems, Inc.
consultants can recommend the solution that best fits the environment, eliminate confusion, and simplify your purchasing experience. We support many other systems such as but not limited to:

Total Protection Systems, Inc.
is a Authorized Vicon USPS Dealer.

  • Vicon
  • Exacq
  • Milestone
  • Aimetis
  • Onssi
  • Bosch

Total Protection Systems, Inc.
is proud to feature Vicon as our CCTV video management system.

ViconNet Video Management Software

ViconNet is an open-architecture, feature-rich video management software solution that delivers complete access to live and recorded security video across your network. Supporting industry-standard compression and transmission formats, including H.264, ViconNet displays and records clear, high-resolution video while minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements.  can be viewed and controlled using ViconNet software, which is managed using one of several intuitive interfaces: a standard web browser-based option, a PC workstation drag-and-drop GUI, or a virtual matrix display controller that supports multiple monitors in a command-and-control setting. ViconNet is offered in a range of packages. ViconNet Peak is designed to support enterprise-scale installations, while lower-priced, full featured ViconNet Zone and free ViconNet Jump are designed to support mid-size and entry-level single NVR-based systems.

ViconNet’s video management functions can be easily integrated with those of other security solutions, including access control, video analytics and license plate recognition. A unique, events management feature allows integrators and end-users to tie events from third-party software to corresponding video within ViconNet, and to program macros that perform any number of actions in response, such as initiating recording, adjusting the recording speed, changing a video display, sending an email, playing an audio file and displaying a public or private URL. In addition, ViconNet stores the event along with the related video for future retrieval and forensic reporting. By combining the power of ViconNet with other software, you can create a robust, integrated security system that is easily managed over a single network, often from a single interface, and is tailored to your specific needs. 

Make Installation and Maintenance Easier with Pre-Loaded NVRs, DVRs and Workstations.

ViconNet is PC-based software that can run on any off-the-shelf hardware that meets our specifications. However, we offer the convenience of NVRs, hybrid DVRs and workstations that are preloaded with ViconNet and ready to connect to your network. Models are available with a wide range processing speeds, hard drives, and internal and external storage options. Use the navigation menu on the left to explore the many models available.

ViconNet 8

Click here to learn about ViconNet 8, the latest version of ViconNet software.

Click here to compare features of ViconNet JUMP, ZONE and PEAK.


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