Total Protection, Inc.

is a Authorized Vicon Dealer which offers installation and service on many different CCTV Platforms. CCTV options have never been more varied or complicated than today. Total Protection, Inc. can help provide you with the best installation and service for your needs. Whether your needs are:

  • 4K Cameras
  • Network Camars
  • Redundant Recording
  • Flir Themal Cameras
  • Hidden Surveillance Equipment
  • Long Range Infrared Cameras
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Domes
  • Megapixel Cameras
  • Mega Video Storage Arrays
  • Network Enabled Analog To IP Encoders
  • Rugged Out Door Cameras
  • Solar Power Cameras
  • Video Analytics
Total Protection, Inc.

consultants can recommend the solution that best fits the environment, eliminate confusion, and simplify your purchasing experience. We support many other systems such as but not limited to:

  • Vicon
  • Exacq
  • Milestone
  • Aimetis
  • Onssi
  • Bosch
Total Protection, Inc.

is proud to feature Vicon Valerus as our CCTV video management system.

Valerus VMS, the new open-platform video management solution, delivers enterprise scale performance, and yet a typical system can be configured in just five minutes. Automated discovery and programming tools make quick work of basic setup. A single global activation key provides licensing for the entire security access control system. And thin-client architecture eliminates the need to install software at each workstation. Vicon even provides free access to the most current version of software to all customers to make sure systems remain running optimally.



National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2019

All Vicon products offered today and in the past are NDAA compliant. At no time has Vicon engaged with the companies listed in the Act or had any business dealings with them. Therefore, all Vicon cameras, encoders, recorders and hardware are compliant.

Today’s complex security challenges make the job of security professionals harder, and more stressful, than ever. You need a technology partner that makes your job easier, more efficient and less frustrating in every way possible. Finding the right solution, from the right company, can make all the difference.
Vicon is working, harder than ever, for the privilege to serve you and become that company. And we hope you will find that our new Valerus video management platform is the right solution.
For even the largest enterprise installations, Vicon proves that simplicity – in the way our new Valerus VMS solution deploys, operates and integrates – and in the way our company provides the most direct access to support, training, resources, and end-to-end system design – can address even the most complex security challenges with easily managed solutions.