About Us

Company Background

Total Protection, Inc.

In our 25 years providing customers with the best value possible in solving their problems, we have met these needs with overwhelming success that has led to a majority of our customer relationships being long term and not single sale situations. Our organization is staffed with veterans of the security industry from the technical design/sales, project management and technicians. We are staffed with our own IT personnel, which provide a front line technical support to both our technicians and end users.

Company Philosophy

Total Protection, Inc.

We an open minded approach to problem solving requires that we stay up to date with all existing and new products in the market place. With our emphasis on long term relationships we stress open architecture and non-proprietary products and software. All products considered for a projects’ short term needs, allows a pathway to flexibility and expansion in the future without creating a duplication of capital expenditures. Past Customer Experience As outlined in the existing customer/reference portion of this document you’ll find confirmation of our ability to design, install, and maintain many systems of equal or greater size and capacity to this proposal. We have many customers and have done installations with camera totals of 200, 300 and 400. These systems include both fixed and PTZ along with analog and IP connectivity. Storage for these systems are equally large ranging from 5Tb to more than 150Tb. Due to the mission critical nature of several references, specific totals and configurations are not publicized but are discussable in person or over the telephone.