Parking Systems

We are proud to feature TIBA Parking Systems as our parking management system. We provides and installs a parking payment systems. If you have a custom specialty need, contact one of our trained consultants.

TIBA breaks the mold with our innovative parking solutions and emerging technologies. With 29 years of experience, TIBA is a global market leader, catering to customers from such diverse industries as airports, universities, shopping centers, municipalities, medical centers, high security facilities and more. Built with exceptional and intuitive design TIBA is focused on efficiency and profitability, helping our clients maximize ROI in less time.

Customers count on TIBA for the most reliable equipment in the market that performs longer and with less maintenance. TIBA’s robust, open architecture system is highly scalable and based on modern software tools. Our system can quickly and easily address interface requirements, whether LPR or AVI hardware; general ledger, hotel and university systems software; or emerging technologies such as online reservations systems, mobile payments systems, chip & pin and NFC. Smart tools for easy integration means lower cost and quicker time for implementation and time-to-market.

We hold ourselves to high standards for accountability and efficiency, and our clients agree. TIBA is uniquely positioned to help customer’s bridge the gap from the existing, traditional PARCS processes to a broader business system, anticipating and interfacing with emerging technologies, supporting automated facilities, new payment methodologies and centralized operations. TIBA… superior technology, incredible value.