Access Control

We are proud to feature RS2 Access It Universal 6.0 as our first choice for your access control needs, however, we also serve and support many other systems such as:

  • RS2 Access IT! Universal
  • Bosch
  • Linear
  • Kantec
  • Lenel
  • Keri
  • and many others

Has the features you need to enhance your access management system, whether you are operating in a single server environment or a multi-region, multi-server system. When you combine the dozens of powerful standard features of Access It!® Universal with options like Visitor Management, Paging/E-mail Notification, Badging, and third party integration with CCTV, Intercom, Intrusion Detection, DVR/NVR, and Wireless/IP Locksets into a single front end, you will have the most powerful and flexible access management system available today. Access It Universal key features are….

Multiple Monitor Support

– This standard feature allows the user to “undock” frames into separate, re-sizeable windows that can be placed on separate monitors.

Browser (Web) Thin Client

– The browser-based web client feature gives users another option (in addition to traditional “fat client” and Terminal Services-based thin client) to utilize the Access It!® Universal software on their main server without having to install multiple copies on several workstations. This feature saves users time during both installation and updates.

Third Party Integration

– Integration with Wireless/IP and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) locksets, and other third party devices such as DVRs, NVRs, CCTV, intercom, intrusion detection, and systems such as visitor management.

Reader Support

– Support for MR-51E Ethernet-enabled PoE paired reader, single-door SIO module and for OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) readers.

Granular User Privileges

Simply stated, this means that individual users can be authorized to access only specific functions of the system or facility as appropriate. This feature is important for administrators who need to restrict access to key system functions to only those persons with permission to use them. This is especially critical for defense and Homeland Security Department contractors.

Integrated Graphical Timezone Display

– This feature allows users to identify when a timezone is active (green in the graphical display), indicating that authorized cardholders have access to an area during the active period. It simplifies verification that timezones are set up properly for workdays, holidays, etc.

Copy & Paste Record Properties

– This timesaving tool is used to easily duplicate (or make copies of) Cards, Access Levels, Hardware, etc., thus reducing repetitive data entry.

Visitor Management

– This powerful option moves your visitor management system beyond the level of visitors scribbling their name in a paper guest book. With Universal’s Visitor Management feature, you can electronically scan a visitor’s ID (driver’s license or business card), capture all relevant information about them in a database, and print a professional quality visitor badge.

Macro Scheduler

– This built-in, system-wide option enables the scheduling of reports, backups, archives and system macros.

Time & Attendance Support and Reporting 

– This optional feature is an important business productivity tool. It tracks employee entrance, exit, and total time on site, eliminating the need for time clocks and other such devices.

Access It!® Universal also includes these other outstanding features:
  • Windows® XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro support
  • Built-in badging option
  • Timezones support up to twelve intervals
  • User-definable event and alarm colors
  • Single server or distributed regional servers
  • Stand-alone or network capable
  • Supports Microsoft® Cluster Server for hot server redundancy
  • Multiple credentials per person
  • Ability to enforce unique PIN in both Standard & Enterprise versions
  • Interfaces to various employee management systems
  • Alarm/Event processing/filtering
  • Alarms can be acknowledged and cleared from maps
  • Maps can be automatically displayed when a device is in alarm
  • Integrated active directory or standard logins
  • Variable duration holiday and holiday groups
  • Hardwire, dialup or TCP/IP SCP support
  • Automatic enrollment reader support
  • Elevator control (up to 64 floors)
  • Precision (single door) access control
  • Interactive graphical maps
  • Interactive hardware tree
  • True database partitioning
  • Database replication for multiple servers
  • Supports 512 inputs and 512 outputs per SCP
  • Supports unlimited clients
  • Supports unlimited user-defined macros
  • Support for multiple card and reader technologies, including biometric
  • Built-in paging and e-mail support
  • Built-in Custom Report Designer
  • Reusable report selection criteria
  • Quick history or trace reports for immediate event tracking